The project Struma Motorway, Lot 2, Dupnitsa - Blagoevgrad Road Section won the first prize in the category “Transport Road Infrastructure” within the INFRASTRUCTURE BULGARIA AWARDS 2016 initiative for outstanding contribution to the development of public infrastructure in Bulgaria.

23 October 2015

On 22 October 2015, the official opening of Lot 2 on Struma Motorway was held. PATSTROY-92 AD, as a partner in Struma – Lot 2 Consortium, has been a contractor of Lot 2, Dupnitsa - Blagoevgrad Road Section. The section is 37.484 km long and has a load-bearing capacity of 12.5 tons/axis.

26 September 2015

On 25 September 2015, Dipl.Eng. Assen Antonov, Executive Director of National Company Strategic Infrastructure Projects – Employer, and Dipl.Eng. Ivan Mitrev, a legal representative of STRUMA - LOT 3.3 Consortium – Contractor, signed a Contract for Design and Construction of Struma Motorway Lot 3.3.

30 June 2015

On 29 June, a number of significant infrastructure projects were officially put into operation in the town of Etropole. PATSTROY-92 AD as a member of Patproekt Etropole 2014 Consortium took part in the execution of the project Rehabilitation of the main branches of the water supply system in the village of Lopyan and rehabilitation of municipal roads connecting the villages of Malak Iskar and Brusen and the villages of Yamna and Lopyan.

29 January 2015

PATSTROY-92 AD has been awarded a public procurement contract assigned by Kostenets Municipality for the execution of the project Winter Maintenance and Snow Removal of Municipal Roads on the Territory of Kostenets Municipality for 2015/2016 Season.