Patstroy-92 participates in the construction of Lot 1 of Mezdra – Botevgrad Road

October 2019

PATSTROY-92 AD is a member of GEOPAT LOT 1 Consortium, with leader Geostroy AD, which is the contractor to execute additional design and construction of Road I-1 (E-79) Mezdra – Botevgrad, Lot 1 from km 174+800 to km 194+122. The road will have two lanes in each direction with a gauge of 20 m.

The traffic volume in the region has been strongly affected by the opening of Danube Bridge 2 since 2013. Vidin – Botevgrad expressway (167 km) is a priority project under the investment programme of the Road Infrastructure Agency and the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works by 2022. The overall modernization of the road from Danube Bridge 2 to Kulata border checkpoint will secure a high quality connection between the motorways in North-West Bulgaria.