PATSTROY-92 AD is a company with 20-year history. It was established in 1993 and since 2008 it has become a member of GEOTECHMIN GROUP. PATSTROY-92 is one of the leading Bulgarian companies in the field of road construction and has executed various projects throughout the country. 

PATSTROY-92 offers to its partners a full package of services - from preliminary design and engineering, through overall execution of construction works, to full guarantee maintenance of the completed project.
Since the beginning of its establishment until today PATSTROY-92, solely or in cooperation, has executed contracts for more than 450 national and municipal road infrastructure projects, including projects of environmental significance. These projects were implemented under programmes for motorway development in Bulgaria, Transit Roads Programme, PHARE and ISPA, Cross Border Cooperation, Operational Programme “Transport 2007-2013” and Operational Programme “Regional Development”. They were financed by the European Investment Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the World Bank.
The company is a member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber and is listed in the Central Register of Professional Builders for building categories I to V in accordance with the Bulgarian Territory Structure Act. PATSTROY-92 is among the founders of the Bulgarian Branch Chamber Roads and it is a member of the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria.
It has won a bronze award for the year 2004 and a silver award for the year 2005 in the annual ranking “Best Construction Practice”, organized by the Bulgarian Construction Chamber.


Dr.Eng. Petko Nikolov received an award from Intertek Bulgaria

27 april 2017

Dr.Eng. Petko Nikolov, Executive Director of Patstroy-92 AD, received an award at the Total Quality Assurance Conference organized in Sofia by Intertek. The award was conferred to Patstroy-92 AD for their contribution to quality assurance and compliance in the Construction sector. Mr. Nikolov gave a presentation to the forum entitled ‘Good Practices in Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management’.

Turning the First Sod for Lot 3.3 of Struma Motorway

30 August 2016

An official groundbreaking ceremony for Lot 3.3, Kresna – Sandanski section from km 397+000 to km 420+624 took place on 30 August 2016. The total length of Lot 3.3 is about 23.6 km. It is part of the project Struma Motorway - Lot 3.1, Lot 3.3 and Tunnel Zheleznitsa. Patstroy-92 AD is a partner in “Struma Lot 3.3” Consortium which has been awarded to be the contractor of Lot 3.3.


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